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About Ruchi Hi-Rich Seeds

About Ruchi Hi-Rich Seeds

In the 1960’s, the Promoter family introduced the soybean seed to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, and raised their awareness about the nutritional benefits of this oilseed. They invested in processing facilities which created the market for the farmer in Madhya Pradesh, and created a safe and secure channel for the farmers to get the best and most transparent pricing for their produce.

This movement and years of effort and handholding resulted in the Soybean crop to grow from a mere 100,000 MTS to over 12 Million MTS in two decades. However, the yield has now stagnated for multiple reasons, the foremost of which is the poor quality of seed available to the farmer. This has forced them to retain seed from the previous season and increase their costs by planting more densely in order to avoid germination losses.

In order to raise the productivity of the seed, a member of the third generation of the Promoter Shahra family, Ankesh, engaged and partnered with DJ Hendrick International, a Canadian soyabean research corporation and centre of excellence for development of healthy non-genetically modified (non-GM) soyabeans and Agri-India Holdings International, a Japanese supply chain provider and marketer of high quality food grade soyabeans.

Importance of this Project


Therefore, there is an extremely large dependence on imported oil which poses a long term risk for the government of India. Because India is home to more than 1/6 th of the world’s population and is projected to be the world’s most populous country by 2025, the pitfalls of such rapid growth include severe strains on resources specially food availability at a price that is affordable to all.

Further, the Government of India is facing many problems with a widening trade and current account deficit, as well as a depreciating currency, inflation, and a relatively low foreign exchange reserve.

National Objectives

Improve the balance of trade by reducing vegetable oil imports and value added exports.

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Help the Government provide Food security to its citizens by increasing domestic supply, increase the maturity range, enhance oil content, and breed drought, disease and pest tolerant varieties which will mitigate the risk of crop failure.

Add neutraceutical properties that can help to control cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and kidney disorders.

Sustainability and Farmer Partnerships


Over the years, Hi-Rich Seeds has focused itself on creating sustainable value for society by investing in a research programme, which we endeavour will play a pivotal role in the food security landscape of India.

Hi-Rich Seeds are the product of extensive testing and a sincere commitment to quality.

We spent over 3 years on research and development in India, before bringing our products to the market. This was crucial in order to get a grassroots understanding of the problems faced throughout the country by the Indian farmer. We conducted various multi location, multi season and multi state testing in order to systematically address the problems that we observed.

Our objectives are simple – To provide quality seeds that will pay back the farmer multi-fold, by reducing input costs via efficiencies in planting density, and increasing output productivity with a stronger yield.

This Joint Venture recognizes the important of soyabeans to India as a key oilseed that has the ability to fight malnutrition and provide the growing population with the requisite calorific values in a sustainable manner. We started with Soybeans and are now focusing on various other Pulses, Grains, Cereals and Vegetables.