In the 1960’s, the Promoter's family introduced the soybean seed to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, and raised their awareness about the nutritional benefits of this oilseed. They invested in processing facilities which created the market for the farmer in Madhya Pradesh, and created a safe and secure channel for the farmers to get the best and most transparent pricing for their produce.

This movement and years of effort and handholding resulted in the Soybean crop to grow from a mere 100,000 MTS to over 12 Million MTS in two decades. However, the yield has now stagnated for multiple reasons, the foremost of which is the poor quality of seed available to the farmer... Know More


The Ambition

We are undertaking a comprehensive soyabean breeding program by using germplasm (or genetic resources) of seeds from across the globe that have desirable traits such as high oil content, greater pod size and count, and are drought and disease resistant.

The most advanced procedures that are available to expedite variety development, such as, DNA marker technology, state of the art genomics, and fingerprinting procedures will be utilised to accelerate modern variety development for India.

Further, the Company will strive to achieve its objectives at a faster rate and utilise the presence of multi-seasons and trials in India as well as with the use of off-season nurseries to rapidly advance generations.

The Company has seen good results in its Research and has already begun focus on other crops in India, including Pulses, Cereals, Grains and Vegetables.

The Future

Hi-Rich Seeds aims to build a brand synonymous with trust, reliability and performance. Our team is working round the clock to work with our farmers to understand their needs and get their feedback on our product pipeline.

We started with Soybeans and are now working on several other crops, in order to be the single point contact for the Indian farmer for all his seed requirements throughout the year.